Freedom to Move
Say Goodbye to SegSaddle LLC

We have ended production of the SegSaddle - the last unit shipped March 12, 2014.

No more orders are being taken.

We are providing warranty service through December 31, 2014.

Our goal was to make the 2nd generation Segway® of more use to more people.

SegSaddle equipped i2 Segway PT®
The SegSaddle Installed
What: The SegSaddle is a center mounted seating system for the 2nd generation Segway.
  • The SegSaddle is designed to allow the rider to mount normally, then adjust the seat height to allow for seated or standing operation of the Segway.
  • The seat is designed to provide hours of riding comfort.
  • The seat post fits into the SegSaddle Frame which is bolted to the Segway base.
  • The SegSaddle Frame includes a Shock Absorber that is tuned for the weight of the primary rider when the SegSaddle is ordered. Additional Shock Springs may be purchased, and easily changed out by the owner to provide multiple riders with the best possible ride.
  • The SegSaddle equiped Segway PT does NOT restrict the rider to a sitting position, therefore it is not a wheel chair under USA FDA regulations.
  • Warnings and Disclaimers
Why: We had worked with people who had been provided a Segway because of injuries acquired during military service. Working with them we realized that while standing on the Segway provided unique benefits, for many of them, having the ability to sit or stand on the Segway would make it much more useful to them. This realization lead to the development of the SegSaddle.

SegSaddle LLC is in San Antonio Texas. The SegSaddle was assembled by SegSaddle LLC, with parts coming from around the US.

We began working on the SegSaddle since the summer of 2007. We decided to stop manufacturing the SegSaddle at the end of 2013. The last remaining unit has been sold.